Align Your Presence and Personal Brand


EXECUTIVE presence for effective leadership and communication

What is your presence broadcasting?

First impressions count.  

Katherine is an executive presence expert, internationally-recognized speaker, and best-selling author focused on teaching people how to unpack the unconscious messages communicated through their presence. How you show up in the world creates the filter through which everything you say and do is evaluated.  Meaningful connections happen when you are comfortable and confident being your best self.

With grace, humor and a passion for connection, Katherine draws on social psychology, leadership training and storytelling to inspire you to show up powerfully in all areas of your life with confidence, authenticity and courage.

Imagine having the presence, positioning and reputation to attract your ideal clients, create resonance with your audience and effectively communicate your powerful message.

Your ability to make a bigger impact starts with projecting your greatest asset: YOU. 

Speaking topics include:

  • Taking Off The Costume: Removing Unconscious Roadblocks & Creating Meaningful Opportunities by Being Yourself 
  • The Confidence Connection: Create Meaningful Connection Before You Even Speak 
“The content of Katherine’s workshop and the way she presented it was filled with marvels… there were deep concepts laid out, connections made about our internal lives and external coats, sprinkled in naturally and brilliantly.”
— Suzanne L. | The Keys For Dressing For Success Attendee
“Katherine’s presentation was so authentically powerful. She is commanding, magnetic and her message is crystal clear and profound.”
— Diane A. | Design Your Destiny LIVE Conference Attendee