Unlock potential. Maximize Impact.
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Unlock Potential. Maximize IMPACT.

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There is no neutral.

How you show up creates the unconscious filter through which everything you say and do is evaluated. Impressions count. They count when you are speaking to a group. They count with your team. They count when you are negotiating with another company. Any gap between who you are being, what you are saying and how you look diminishes your impact and influence.  That can be all the difference in getting the promotion, creating influence and buy-in within your organization, and establishing meaningful connections built on trust and integrity.

How I work with clients

Working with teams of up to ten people, I come to your company for the day and lead a 4 hour TCI Workshop that creates the conditions for teams to maximize their effectiveness and develop the keys to high impact presence & communication.


THE TCI METHOD: Trust. Connection. Influence.

The TCI Workshop is a unique methodology that generates key and frequently overlooked leadership skills that lead to improved performance and clarity in communication.

Anyone in a client-facing role or who works with people must have the skills and know-how to build trust, connection, and influence beyond the necessary verbal communication. Words are only a fraction of how a message is conveyed. Everything beyond your words is also telling a story and can be facilitating effective communication or undermining it. There is no neutral. This workshop equips teams with everything they need to know to maximize their presence and increase influence through the following four segments:

  • The 5 Components of Your First Impression

  • Using Non-Verbal Communication to Create Connection With Your Audience

  • Communicating with Impact

  • Uncovering Your Authentic Presence


Ready to learn more? Let’s connect to start a dialogue. I’d love to discuss your people priorities and determine how we can best help you achieve those goals.