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The Revealing Retreat

The Revealing Retreat


Are you ready to look and feel amazing through a fun, luxurious, life-changing experience?   The True Revealing Retreat is a VIP experience where four women are revealed to and with each other, and most importantly to themselves.   Walk away with your own style sheet for your personal appearance - a no-fail system for optimizing your unique beauty and magnetism through wearing the right colors, shapes, and energies for your unique palette.

This 2 day all-inclusive retreat gives you the 3-Step Radiance Revealing System with complete support from Katherine. focuses on revealing your magnetism and radiance -- teaching you the A to Z of how to dress in alignment with your energetic Element and the tools to let go of outdated and sabotaging items that don't work on you so that you can confidently reveal a magnetic presence for business, life and love.

  • Create an authentic expression of who you are and know exactly what to wear so that people can see, hear and value what you bring to the world.
  • Create your unique joy-sparking secret style recipe that captures who you are right now in life
  • Save money, time & energy only buying and wearing the clothes that work best for you
  • Eliminate visual static that diminishes your personal brand, creates invisible walls and undermines your presence
  • Confidently reclaim all of who you are to unconsciously increase trust, credibility and connection
  • Get rid of outdated versions of yourself that keep you hidden in plain sight
  • Walk away empowered knowing your Hell Yes Zone and effectively presenting the best version of yourself
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