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[EVENT] Be Yourself 2018

[EVENT] Be Yourself 2018


BE YOURSELF: How To Be Seen For The Woman You Are, Not Just For The Clothes You Wear

This workshop is a two day event to immerse yourself in the tools and teachings that will enhance your authentic presence so you can show up with increased confidence, credibility and connection.

You will learn to:  

  • Unify your presence into a congruent expression of who you are so that it’s easier for people to connect with you
  • Stop wearing the clothes, colors and fabrics that unconsciously make it hard for people to see and connect with you
  • Become a more effective speaker
  • Save time, money and energy only buying clothes that are right for you

Come join a community of purpose-driven women for Be Yourself 2018, and see how you can change the world by being yourself. 

When: SPRING 2018, Date TBA
Where:  Portland, Oregon


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