ALIGN the woman you are now in life with a confident and naturally radiant presence

I used to not feel relaxed in my clothes. The way I would show up would be more about the clothes and my outfit, and less about me.

Now I feel like I am expressing out to the world what’s inside. It’s from the inside out, instead of outside in. It’s not a layer or shell, it’s an extension of who I am.
— Gina R.

 Are you ready to confidently present the best version of you? 

How would things change if the way your appearance set the stage for people to connect with how great you really are?  What would happen if you eliminated the visual static and invisible walls that block meaningful connection and influence? 

Would you like a personal transformation that helps you attract the business, love and confidence that you want in your life?  

In order for your magnetic presence to surface, you must let go of the outdated masks and identities that aren't congruent with this current chapter of your life.  We are talking about revealing the essence of who you are - an alignment with who you are at an energetic level and a clear way to share it with the world.   Learn how to elevate your personal style in a way that people notice you, not your outfit.

When you are aligned and congruent, it changes your life. I am looking forward to more and more as I unlock my authentic self.
— Kosi


What is it like to work with me?

We are going to have fun and get deep!  Working with me is a beautiful form of style therapy in which we transform the external landscape of your appearance by aligning it with the essence of who you are.  It's a unique intersection of social psychology, design theory, coaching, and image consulting.  Whether in person or working together virtually, we will have fun exploring who you are in this chapter of life and identify how to bring your A-game so you can lead with a presence that sparks confidence, connection and credibility.

The result of our work together is a deeper connection to yourself, increased confidence knowing what works on you, control of the message your presence broadcasts to the world, and money, time and energy saved only buying clothes that work for who you are now in life.  Most of my clients save thousands of dollars by not wasting money on clothes that don't work on them and joyously living in their "HELL YES ZONE."



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Frame Your Signature Shape .  You are the masterpiece, your clothing is the frame.  Eliminate visual static and outdated distractions that diminish your presence and make it hard for people to see you.  We will look at your shape, your assets and create the frame that naturally showcases you as the masterpiece.

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Lift Your Natural Energy.  Lead with your vitality and reveal your personal power by wearing the right colors, textures, patterns and fabrics for you.  Learn how to dress in harmony with your energetic signature so that everything about your presence is elevated, becomes lighter, brighter and enhances your natural beauty.  Wearing your right colors, patterns, textures and fabrics sparks greater connection, confidence and attracts the right opportunity and people into your life.

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Light Your Joy-Sparking Secret Recipe.  Create your joy-sparking secret recipe and let your unique spark shine bright.  Create your personalized roadmap to live in your Hell Yes Zone and you will know exactly what works for you so you can consistently show up as your best self.  Stand out for being yourself, inside and out.  Your joy-sparking secret recipe captures the qualities of who you are now in life, and brings your vitality, beauty and uniqueness to the world.

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