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Individual Consulting


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Your presence creates the filter through which everything you say and do is evaluated.


Transition and change are opportunities to create alignment and harmony with who you are now in life. 

Imagine if looking and feeling your best was easier. Imagine presenting your best self with such grace and ease that people feel confident and inspired by the connection you create - through your words, your presence and your energy.

You’re an accomplished individual and you’re entering a new chapter — in your personal life, in your professional life — and stepping up requires stepping into your authentic visibility .  You know what it feels like to be competent and accomplished, but sometimes it felt like being a really great chameleon.

Now you are ready for more - more connection, more impact and more you being you. Our work together is insightful, transformational and empowering. In addition to achieving greater congruence between authentic-self and visual narrative, we generate increased self-awareness (a key and frequently overlooked leadership skill) and clarity in communication.

Are you ready to confidently present your best self and unlock opportunities to be seen, heard and valued for who you truly are? Let’s schedule time to connect and learn how we can create more alignment for you.

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