Transition and change are opportunities to create alignment and harmony with who you are now in life. 

Imagine if looking and feeling your best was easier. Imagine presenting your best self with such grace and ease that people feel confident and inspired by the connection you create - through your words, your presence and your energy.

You’re a smart professional woman, and you’re entering a new chapter... maybe in your personal life, maybe in your professional life. . . maybe both.  In your professional life, people have always taken you pretty seriously as the smart leader they could trust.  You know what it feels like to be competent and accomplished, but sometimes it felt like being a really great chameleon.

Now you are ready for more - more depth,  more connection, and more you being you.  It's time to confidently present your best self and have fun doing it!

It's time to finally clear out the old energy of the old chapters and to feel great being seen, heard and valued for who you truly are.

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This has been so enlivening and exciting. I feel so warm and energized. I used to default to wearing some form or shape of all black and now I understand why certain items don’t work on me. It has eliminated so much confusion! Things make sense now and I want everything to be a ‘HELL YES!’
— Kristin F.
The visual difference of wearing the right colors for me is amazing. it’s so much easier because everything in my wardrobe goes together. Also, I used to feel confused that people thought I was intimidating. Now I know that it’s easier for people to connect with me because my presence is telegraphing that I’m open and approachable.
— Margo W.
This work has changed my life in so many ways.  I feel so great and in alignment with myself.  It still blows my mind that the bright colors and patterns that I love on the hanger don’t really work for me.  The night after I finished working with Katherine I went to a networking event.  I felt stunning, elegant, and relaxed. I got EIGHT leads for potential clients and speaking gigs! I’ve never had that kind of result at any networking event I’ve ever gone to,  I’m feeling so in the flow, peaceful, calm, trusting, and relaxed.  It’s amazing.
— Patrice P.

What's changed for me?

I now feel like I can bring myself into whatever I do and I am more present.  

Now when I am speaking or leading trainings on diversity and inclusion, I ask myself and can answer the question, "Am I bringing myself with me or am I putting on a costume?" I learned that you don't change who you are to get where you want to be.  

What I experience is how much easier it is for people to see, hear and value who I truly am.

AnneMarie S.

“I couldn’t put my finger on the invisible wall between me and other people. Some days I would get incredible results when speaking and other days not a single lead... and it was the same presentation! It has changed my life to have the willingness to be seen... to “reveal” myself. Now I look and feel more myself, and I know how to present myself for greater confidence and connection.”

Gina R.


I LOVE all my new clothes and look - it's all a HELL YES!  Giving a keynote in front of 300+ today and feeling very confident!! Thank you for all the support!!


Jill N.

Katherine Johnson - BLAB (2).jpg