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DoTerra Element Workshop

DoTerra Element Workshop



Your presence matters.  When you are speaking, your presence is either helping people connect with your message or making it harder for people to hear you.  Step into a proven system for creating alignment from the inside out.  When you discover your signature element you will:

  • Confidently unify your presence and create meaningful connection before you even speak
  • Understand how to be seen for who you are, not what you wear
  • Learn how to show up with an outer presence that authentically increases trust, credibility and connection
  • Eliminate visual static that diminishes influence, impact and positioning
  • Save time, money and energy only buying what works for you

This workshop is for you if:

  • Connection and relationship building are important in your business
  • You speak and present information to others
  • You feel uncertain about what your presence communicates
  • You would like more confidence as a presenter
  • Getting dressed for networking and business building opportunities is frustrating or stressful
  • You want to position yourself as a trusted advisor and experience more ease in how you show up
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